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What is Cubex?

Cubex is an open source PHP framework designed around performance and simplicity. Cubex act as the glue for some great PHP packages, aiming to offer a consistent environment making development easier.


Cubex is focused on optimising the speed of every request to ensure your code operates as fast as possible.

Cubex is used within many high scale web applications and backends which demand performance to be at its best.


There is no need to be writing boiler plate code these days. Cubex works to reducing the amount of code required to produce some amazing results, while supporting developers wishing to push the boundries.

Fully Tested

All code within cubex aims to have 100% code coverage, and test as many variations of user or developer input as possible.

Test cases are constantly maintained with new functionality, and we aim to write tests for every bug fixed & found, to ensure it doesn't ever come back.

Automatic & Simple Routing

Just create your classes that extend the various available Cubex Kernels, and the hard work is done for you.

Where you do need a slight variation on your routes, every layer is able to handle custom routing and redirects for you.

Code To Conventions

By following various conventions in naming and structure, Cubex will take care of the rest for you.

You no longer need to write routes, spend hours defining every parameter in your console commands.

Solid Foundations

Cubex where possible uses available packages from the community, with the HTTP foundation coming from Symfony and the IOC container coming from Laravel.

Cubex aims to simply provide you with the wrapping ontop of great community php packages.